Curriculum Vitae

I major in Electromechanical Engineering from ITZ, and I hold a Ph.D. degree at UNAM in the field of Energy Engineering. During the postgraduate program, I work on the development of antimony chalcogenides thin-film and solar cells with Prof. P.K Nair

At my first job in CEMIE-Sol, I participate in the development of photovoltaic technology using earth-abundant materials (antimony sulfide-selenide). When the project comes to an end, my colleges and I founded the Spin-Off "Solar Semiconductors Morelos " to bring the science done inside the laboratories out to the real world. Prototypes: Educational kits (STEM), control solar radiation coatings and solar cell technology (mini-modules).

 Right now, I'm seeking for a postdoctoral research position on innovation and material science to continue my professional science career further to the doctorate.  



Postdoctoral researcher at Mexican Center for Solar Innovation (CEMIE Sol P35Project: Development of thin film solar cells with novel materials.
  • Working on innovation to promote the creation of innovative products with technical and scientific background: Thin films coatings for solar control radiation and photovoltaic technology.
  • Co-founder of the "Solar semiconductors Morelos" spin-off at Institute of Renewable Energy of UNAM. Early stage: Development of solar coating prototypes.
  • During the P35 project between IER-UNAM, UANL, and CINVESTAV-SALTILLO we successfully manage deliveries during the last 3 stages asked by CONACYT-SENER Energetic Sustainability and CEMIE-Sol.

Full-time research assistant at Energy Research Center - UNAM. Project:  A training program for developing semiconductor thin film solar cells

Education and professional training 

Ph.D. in Energy Engineering, Institute for Renewable Energy-UNAM, Morelos, México Dissertation: “Thin-film solar cells of Ag-Sb-S” (Spanish) (Download PDF)


Master in Energy Engineering, Energy Research Center - UNAM, Morelos, México. Dissertation: “Antimony Sulfide Thin Film Solar Cells” (Spanish)


B. Eng. Electromechanical, Zacatepec Institute of Technology, Morelos, México. Technical Report: “Development, instrumentation, and evaluation of integral photo thermal solar collector module and solar radiation controller” (Spanish)


Award for the outstanding contribution to Symposium E “Earth-Abundant Inorganic Solar  Energy Conversion,” San Francisco, MRS-2014 Spring Meeting and Exhibit

Best oral session in the 11º CIE-UNAM Student Congress. Temixco Morelos, México