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October 30, 2019

Job Interview - Cluster Puebla - Artifex Angels

Yesterday, I had the fortune to meet three founders of Artifex Angels at Titanium Tower. When I get to the lobby, the next message can be read on the wall.
Titanium tower provides business space solutions to medium and large firms. It offers a strategic location for international business in Mexico as well as a unique setting for entrepreneurs.
What a great message for an entrepreneur researcher (academic) because I found a place where real businesses are done, and maybe after this job interview, I could begin the path to become a business leader on innovation in the renewable energy sector.  

This place makes me realize I have new dreams to catch as an entrepreneur seeking and promoting the acquisition of renewables, or as one of the founders said, you could be an articulator (linker) between industry and the hubs for new business. 

What do you think was the result of the job interview?

October 21, 2019

Hub de innovación tecnológica: Eficiencia energética y Energías Renovables

Step by step, we should lead the science from the university labs to the marketplace. There will be no opportunities if you don't seek them.  Solar Semiconductors Morelos will attend this meeting looking for strategic partners inside the industry and technical collaboration with GIZ and the  Queretaro innovators.